There will be a 2 days Book Exhibition by Kids2day international publishers i.e. 0n 21 and 22 April 2017.
All are welcome for the same.

Book Exhibition of Premchand books on 31st July 2017 to commemorate the birth anniversary of Premchand Hindi novelist.

Sanskrit book exhibition on 9th August on the occasion of Sanskrit week celebration

Freedom fighters book exhibition on 14th August on the occasion of Independence day.

Dr. S Radhakrishnan book exhibition on 5th Sept.

Hindi book exhibition will be held on 19-09-2017
in connection with Hindi Pakawada. All are welcome

Hindi book review competition will be held on 20-09-2017 in the library hall during the last 2 periods and
the participants should assemble in the venue.

All the students are hereby informed that old NCERT
textbooks to be donated to library and those who wants to take books can collect from Library

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

key points to face exam

1. Reach the Examination hall in Time
2. Read the instructions given in the question paper carefully
3. Present your answers legibly
4. Try to attempt all the questions
5. Answer to the Point
6. Be quick in answering objective type questions
7. Questions that are very easy can be attempted first.
8. The cardinal points may be underlined.
9. Give enough time and importance to easy questions
10. Steps should be written systamatically when you answer.
11. Problem of Mathematics and steps should be shown to achieve marks for steps
12. Do not waste your precious time on questions difficult for you to answer.
13. Be confident and have a systamatic approach.
14. Check your answer sheets before you hand over to enable you to locate mistakes if any crept in the answer sheet.
15. Assure youreself that the register number and question numbers are written correctly.
16.Hard work is the strongest weapon that conquers any thing in the world.
17 Have self reliance,be goal oriented and succes will be yours.

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